Since September Mr Nichols has been running a regular photography competition with a new theme every few weeks with the aim of getting students to notice more about the world around them. Congratulations to all the winners so far.

The latest winner is Alyssa (Year 9) for her interpretation of the theme 'Paper':




Previous Winners:

Reflection - Emily (Y7)

Colourful - Katrina (Y10)

Winter - Emily (Y7)


Summer - Kaitlyn (Y7)


Easter -  Danielle (Y9)


Spring - Jamie (Y10)



Dark - Charlie (Y10)



Sport - Bailee (Y7)


Blue - Skye (Y7)



Winter - Morgan (Y7)


Rock - Matthew (Y8)



Water - Paige (Y7)


Autumn - Keira (Y8)


Power - Jaime (Y8)


Wheels - Holly (Y7)


Green - Sophie (Y7)