On 24th January 2018, Parkside Community School hosted and delivered a training session in liaison with the Teaching School Alliance on Differentiation in the classroom. Mrs Asher organised and led the session and teachers from across many Derbyshire schools had the opportunity to develop their own teaching skills and visit Parkside lessons to observe good practice.  The feedback from visiting teachers was overwhelmingly positive. Congratulations to both our staff and students who were able to showcase the brilliant work that takes place in Parkside every day. Here are examples of the excellent feedback we received:

“I really enjoyed seeing a lower set engaged and willing to give harder questions a go.  I loved the ‘blue pen’ questions challenging to the max!”

“Your students were so enthusiastic.  It was great to see how many of them wanted to read and participate.  Also your TAs were amazing – I’m very jealous! I’m going to steal your homework layout; the structure was great!”

“I really enjoyed the great routine you are in with your Y8s! The homework tasks built perfectly up to a written piece and allowed all students to make progress.  They were clearly all engaged and enjoying ‘Holes’.”

“I really enjoyed observing your lesson.  It was really nice to see all the students engaged. There was a fantastic atmosphere with all the students’ heads down and writing.”

“A really engaging lesson.  Good use of coloured pens with your success criteria, easy to follow lesson with a class that you obviously have a great relationship with.”

“I really enjoyed how you set up a mini ‘helpdesk’ and pupils came to you if they wanted help understanding the task.”

“I really enjoyed the help that you gave the pupils to help them answer the question and not letting them give up when they don’t know an answer.  How well you knew your pupils and which grades they are all on so which answers they will be able to give.  The good links to the past work and how you defined keywords and had them on the desks ready for pupils.”

“I really enjoyed the clear success criteria on the board and the key words to help to reinforce the “describe” success criteria”.

“I really enjoyed coming into your lesson about Pythagoras and helping your students.  It was inspiring to see your students so engaged and interested! Their exercise books looked fantastic and the classwork they produced was brilliant.”


“I really enjoyed watching your questioning technique.  I liked how you targeted students and linked the targeted questions to the level which they were working at.  I also liked your key repetition of vocab and concepts to reinforce the idea of how electricity is made”.