Our Governors

Our Chair and Vice Chair of Governors: Mrs J Horton and Mr J Queening

Full lists of the Governing body and committee groups can be found through this link.

Full governing body info can be found here.

Governing body attendance info can be found here.


The Governing Body is made up of 12 people and 1 associate member who represent a wide range of ages, skills and backgrounds e.g. parents, education, local authority, health, business and the community.  Their expertise within the group enables us to form balanced judgements which are in the best interest of the students and the school.

We are an open and equal Governing Body where the views of all the governors are listened to and considered.

Through constant monitoring and evaluation by governors, the Headteacher and staff are held to account for the performance of the school. We are always kept up to date with school development and frequently have presentations from the staff and our School Improvement Partners.

We hold five full Governing Body meetings per year; these are consistently well attended and purposeful.  There are also three sub committees which meet regularly to review in depth more specific areas of school governance.  All their findings and recommendations are brought to the full Governing Body.

The committees are: Learning and Community, Finance and Personnel and Premises, Site, Health & Safety 

We also have a Strategic Planning Group; this consists of 6 experienced governors and the Headteacher.  This group meets frequently to consider issues both local and national, which affect Parkside Community School.


Our strategic plan includes:

  • To continue to develop closer working collaboration with the Chesterfield Learning Community.
  • To improve our buildings and facilities.
  • To further develop all our community links.


Governors play an active part in school life.

  • We take part in extra-curricular activities.
  • We support school events.
  • Governors visit school.
  • Governors sit on panels e.g. interviews, attendance, disciplinary.
  • We help fundraise.
  • Governors represent the school at functions.
  • We attend training courses.
  • We liaise and work with School Improvement Partners.


We are privileged to be the Governing Body of Parkside Community School.  We work very much as a team.  The governors are very proud of our students, staff, parents and carers.

Parkside Governing Body is held up as a model of excellence and governors are called upon to share their good practice with others.

We strive continually for improvement in ourselves and the school.  We are totally committed to Parkside Community School and the community.

If you have any queries or comments please contact:

Parkside Community School on 01246 273458.