MyMaths Guidance and Information

 Guide to Homework On


What is MyMaths?

You have been registered on the MyMaths website ( This should help you to structure your maths work and enable you to see how you are progressing.


How to access MyMaths

Go to and login at the top of the page with the school's username and password. On the next page you should enter your personal username and password in the My Portal box.


Login Details

Web Address:

The school username is: parkside

The school password is: school

Your personal username is: llll

Your personal password is: lll


How to get the best out of MyMaths

If you have been set a task by your teacher it will appear in the Homework area. There is a link to the lesson if you want to revise first, and a link to the homework itself. When you complete an Online Homework the scores will be saved to the database and your teacher will be able to see how well you did and leave feedback.


If a green star appears next to a topic, you have good skills in that area.

If an amber star appears you still have some difficulties.

If a red star appears you need to go back and relearn the topic.


Having trouble accessing MyMaths?

If no links are working, it may be that you have a Pop Up Blocker. You will need to allow MyMaths to use Pop Ups and we suggest that you add to your list of trusted sites. If you are having trouble accessing content, it may be that you need to activate Flash in your browser. Please ask a teacher if you have any other questions.