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Show My Homework Student Help

How do I log in to show my homework (satchel one)?

  1. Go to the show my homework website
  2. Select ‘student’ from the tabs above the login window.

    SMHW Login Page

  3. Click the "Sign in with Office 365" button
  4. On the Microsoft sign in page like seen below, write your full school email address.
    • This starts with the letter ‘y’ followed by the year you started Parkside School and the first two letters of your first name together with the first two letters of your surname. E.G. Joe Bloggs started y7 in 2020 so has the email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • Make sure you type in your FULL email address, spell ‘Derbyshire’ correctly and include the ‘,’ as these things are easily missed, and will prevent you from logging in.
    • If you see an error of...
      "We couldn't find an account with that username. Try another, or get a new Microsoft account." have mistyped in your email address.

    SMHW Login Page 2

  5. Then on the Parkside logon page, enter your school password.
    • Please note: This is not your previous Satchel:One password, but the password you log onto school computers with.

    SMHW Login Page 3

  6. If you forget your password, please fill in our ICT help form which will send a request directly to our ICT team.

How To Submit Work

Please see this guide on how to submit your work through Satchel:One


Follow the link to see how to use Show My Homework.

This covers things like using the app, how to message a teacher for support, uploading and submitting work, completing quizzes.

Student Video Guides 

Need some help?

If you need more advice on how to use Show My Homework (satchel one) then simply click the following link to take you to an advice page. Here you will find advice on how to message teachers, how to submit work, how to view overdue homework and even advice on how to use Show My Homework on your devices.


Show My Homework Parent Help

What is Show My Homework?

I’m a parent, and I need some help with Show My Homework.

Below is a video guide to help you get started with Show My Homework (satchel one)

Parent Video Guides

If you need more detailed help on anything from logging in and checking homework, to using the app or adding multiple children to your account; simply click this link to take you to a guidance page.

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