Parkside Support Centre Intent

The Parkside Support Centre Team are here to support pupils and their families with removing any barriers to learning, participation and belonging to our school community.
Working in partnership with pupils and families, we are committed to:

  • Supporting all pupils to meet our school code of conduct and attendance expectations through structured pastoral support and assertive nurture.
  • Implementing structured person-centred meetings to identify the root causes of any barriers to participation in school life and implement appropriate support. This can often include supporting and repairing broken relationships both inside and outside of school.
  • Designing and implementing interventions that aim to remove barriers to learning and participation in lessons for all pupils.
  • Designing and implementing Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) provision in line with the expectations of the 2015 Special Education Needs and Disability code of practice.
  • Offering Early Help provision to support families with wider participation issues.
  • Signposting pupils and their families to appropriate support agencies.
  • Supporting present and future pupils and their families with Primary to Secondary School and Secondary to Post-16 transition.

The school ethos and values are at the centre of our practice. 

Caring about the Choices that will shape your Future

Positive relationships and collaborative ways of working between our staff, pupils, families, community and professional agencies form the solid foundation on which we build our support. It is critical that we all work together to offer the very best support. When this support takes place, we can significantly impact life chances for the good of all our young people and their families. We rigorously review and evaluate the impact of our work through weekly Impact Meetings. If any area of our work is judged as not to have positively impacted pupils and/or their families we immediately identify and implement alternatives.

We encourage all pupils and parent(s)/carer(s) to explore the Parkside Support Centre section of our website to ensure they are fully aware of the support we can offer

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