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I have aspired to the role of Parliament Leader since joining Parkside Community School in Year 7. It is a huge privilege to have been selected for the role and an even bigger privilege to be given the opportunity to make a difference.
I truly believe in the ethos and values at Parkside Community School and they have enabled me to flourish. I am determined to inspire others to feel the same. Parkside has so many excellent role models who encourage us to be more motivated and optimistic about what we can achieve in our own futures. A prime example is the advice given to me by one of my teachers, who assured me I had the ability to achieve any goal I set myself, if I put my mind to it. They helped improve my self-belief and confidence which resulted in me changing my approach to studying and seeing an improvement in my grades. At Parkside we are all encouraged to take the opportunities on offer to us. The atmosphere here is one of a safe and caring family due to the amount of extra time, effort and care the teachers and staff put in.

As Parliament Leader, I would like to give back to the school community. Through my personal experience at Parkside, I aim to provide guidance and encouragement to help other pupils along their journey. I also want represent the pupils by listening and being their voice to provide insight and ideas into how we as a pupil body can continue to change the school for the better.

Deputy Parliament Leader

I feel humbled to be given the role as Deputy Parliament Leader at Parkside Community School. The support available to us as pupils helps make everybody feel included in the school community. Teachers and staff invest a lot of time and effort into pupils’ wellbeing as well as ensuring we all get the best grades we can. I am honoured to be Deputy Parliament Leader and the opportunities it gives me to represent students from across the whole school, their voice and ideas on how we can develop our school community.

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