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All pupils at Parkside are offered the opportunity to act as a leader in their core Physical Education lessons. This might include leading warm-ups, coaching their peers or acting as a team captain. Pupils who show promise in this role are offered the opportunity to join our sports leadership programme, which involves pupils receiving sport-specific leadership training in order to run events within the local community of primary schools. This programme is growing stronger and now involves more pupils than ever before, with almost 50 Parkside pupils acting as sports leaders this week.

On Tuesday, 18 Y10 pupils visited Spire Junior School, where they were involved in leading a football skills session and tournament to teams from three local primary schools. The Parkside pupils had each planned an activity to improve the skills of the primary school children, and after over an hour of hard practice, the football tournament was well organised and led by the stand-out referees of Morgan H and Harry L. Well done to all involved!

On Friday, 20 Y9 pupils made the short journey to Queen’s Park Sports Centre to receive training on how to run a sports hall athletics competition. This training was followed by the main event, which involved almost 300 primary school pupils! A fantastic effort by the sports leaders.

If you would like to be involved in the next sports leaders events, please speak to the PE department.

With captain Ebony and super-centre Frankie unavailable to play in the Y10 Netball Cup, Rose G took over the role of captain as the team made the journey over to Springwell.

The defensive trio of Jorja, Nicole and Isabelle were joined in centre court by speedy Shakira and Y9 star Olivia O, whilst Rose and Emily remained on shooting duties. Throughout the evening these 7 girls battled hard and did a fantastic job of representing the school, managing a respectable 6th place.

Congratulations to Shakira who was nominated opposition player of the match on four occasions, finishing second in the Player of the Match (POM) league.

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