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Y11 Report

The Parkside KS4 team, on the back of their previous win, and with some players returning to the squad were eager to peruse another win. Whittington Green took an early lead, and the Parkside team had to quickly focus to give us chance of a win. Farrell R, back in the squad, following illness, kicked off the scoring with a long range effort that left their goal keeper unable to do anything about. Mackenzie M scored two further goals, one as a result of a cross, and the other a long range effort. Connor R created both his opportunities from broken play, and after a skilful run, he kept his composure finding the back of the net on both occasions. Kane L received a long ball over the top of the midfield but he still had a lot of work to do, spotting an opportunity with the goal keeper off his line, Kane took his chance, the ball found the back of the net.. Man of the Match, Farrell R. Final score 6-1 Parkside

Y7 Report

On the back of the last weeks win, the atmosphere on the Year 7 team was of apprehension and excitement about game away at Whittington Green. Tommy W scored the opening goal with a lovely volley, followed by two goals from Alfie M, the first a self-created goal, the second came from some great vision by Yeni S and a lovely long ball. Alfie took a couple of touches, and with a decision made, Alfie sent the ball in to the back the net for a 3-0 lead. Kian J stretched his legs down the wing, out pacing his opposing players, he whipped in a long range cross, Alfie this time swinging but missing the connection, luckily Islam had support this attack and was able to slot a sweet right footer in to the back if the net. Man Of the Match was Yeni S. Final Score 4-0 Parkside.

Y8 Report

The first match for the Year 8 team against Whittington Green School saw a scrambled team, due to absence put players out of position and left the boys trying to find their stride. Whittington Green scored a couple of early goals whilst the Parkside team were trying to settle their nerves and fill their role. A reshuffle in positions, moved and Alfie R to goal and Lee S to midfield, this kept Whittington Gren from scoring whilst Parkside launched a series of attacks. A lovely chip by McKenzie R over their last line of defence, saw striker Will S take a lovely touch, and followed up with a powerful strike, the ball rattled the right hand post but the rebound couldn’t be followed up. Whittington Green went on to seal the match. Our next match is at Netherthorpe on Monday 18 October. Man of the match was Alfie R for his evolving and adaptive role within the team.

We're delighted to see our Christmas tree up in the Crooked Spire! This year our theme was architecture. Each bauble contains images of Student work based on architecture in Chesterfield, with a model of the Crooked Spire as the top of the tree. Our Students often use the Crooked Spire and other notable buildings in Chesterfield as inspiration for their Photography and Art lessons.

The festival runs until the 28th of November if you'd like to head down there yourself and check it out!

Dear parents and carers 

Since my statement regarding an incident that took place in school yesterday, I have been made aware that the Derbyshire Times have published an article which provides rather more detail than we expected, thanks to a statement provided by Derbyshire Police.   

Yesterday I wrote to you regarding the incident.  That statement was intended to reassure you, protect the pupil concerned, and avoid unnecessary alarm.  The statement contained what was felt to be an appropriate level of detail, following discussions with colleagues at Derbyshire Police and Derbyshire County Council.  

We can confirm that the majority of what has since been reported is accurate: 

  • A pupil at Parkside brought, what was thought, by the child to be a replica WW2 hand grenade into school, to show their History teacher   
  • The same child had previously brought in other artefacts connected to learning, such as old coins 
  • All actions that followed prioritised safety, and the matter was dealt with swiftly and effectively.  

The inaccuracy in the Derbyshire Times report is the statement that it was a decommissioned grenade.  The specialist who conducted the assessment was able to confirm that it was not active, meaning that it was either decommissioned or a replica. 

I apologise to parents and carers and any pupils who read the statement from the school yesterday, only to then read alarming detail online or hear about it elsewhere.  This was clearly far from what was intended, entirely regrettable.  I will be discussing this matter with agencies involved. 

As is standard procedure, the school is undertaking a review of events yesterday to inform future planning. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this incident, please contact me at school. 

Best wishes 

Ben Riggott 

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